Thank you for your interest in the engAGE study!

The engAGE project is designed to search for ways to maintain and promote brain health after age 60. If you choose to participate in the engAGE study, you will be assigned to one of three groups. Two of the groups will learn skills in digital photography from a professional instructor, including how to use a camera and Photoshop, at our brand-new classroom facilities in Las Colinas. The third group will be able to participate in various fun activities in the convenience of their homes. Each group will work in their activity group for 15 hours a week.

Before and after completion of the study, you will also be completing a series of cognitive assessments and questionnaires and may undergo a brain scan. These measurements help us chart your progress throughout the study. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be born in 1958 or before
  • You must be willing to commit 15 hours per week (during work hours) for 14 weeks
  • You must be able to provide your own transportation to the engAGE site located at 122 W John Carpenter Freeway, Las Colinas, Irving TX
  • You do not have any major health or psychiatric disorders
You will also be asked additional questions to determine your eligibility during the screening process.

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